Our 1st Mon..niversary!

Today is a very special day for myself and for the Monshare team! It’s our first ever anniversary as an actual company with an office (sort of;-), accountant, users and a whole lot of “businessy” decisions to make:-)

It felt like the shortest year in my life and I could not help but think that we are not moving fast enough. Now when looking back at this year and recognizing the journey we have gone through together, it starts feeling more like a lifetime…

If you are anything like me, you probably like the ‘before’ and ‘after’ stories of people changing their personal and professional lives. So here goes Monshare take on it:-)

1) From manypot.com to monshare.io

Yes, that is right, we did manage to change a name during our very short existence. ManyPot stood for ‘many pots’ and we were planning to have an assistant called ‘Many’ to help you with all your budgeting needs.
Thankfully, our wonderful VP of User experience came up with Monshare, which has many more interpretations for you to choose from: ‘money share’, ‘my share, criminally misspelled ‘mon cheri’ – your call.


2) From B2B to B2C

I do not like keeping track of my personal spending, but doing business expenses is something I truly hate. The first ever wireframes of Monshare were naively attempting to cover both use cases. As many … many product managers have since told me, our B2C use case is already too wide to even start talking about B2B, but a small and stubborn part of me knows we will revisit it at the right time!


3) From Friends to Couples

Our original assumption was that it would have been much easier to target groups of friends who travel together. Guess what? COVID-19 and lockdown showed exactly how much planning one can realistically do in a startup:-)
So we had to change all our collateral and efforts to focus on couples who live together.

4) From insane idea to insanely wonderful team

We have changed more things than I can count, but most importantly we grew and evolved together! Today Monshare is a well-rounded team of professionals, who despite many obstacles thrown their way, stays ever so strong 1 year in. I look into their eyes and don’t even dare to imagine how year 2 ‘After’ picture will look like:-)


Happy Birthday Dear Monsharers! And cheers to Many more!
In case you wonder, we do accept gifts:-) Feedback is the best gift we could dream off. Download Monshare and let us know what you think at hello@monshare.io or any social media.

Truly yours,

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