When doing the same thing three times is actually a good idea…

Reality of an early stage startup was not apparent to me when we started Monshare. I could not quite grasp that we would need to do ‘so much’ with ‘so little’.

When talking about ‘so much’ I don’t mean just the number of hours one needs to put in… I mean things to learn, regulations to follow, tools to master, people to motivate, experiments to run, and consequently … contexts to switch.

When talking about ‘so little’ it’s also all sorts of insufficiencies: time, money, experience, manpower, and consequently … sleep.

Somewhere between this ‘too much’ and ‘too little’ I found myself working on an app preview video for App Store. I was trying to understand what is a reasonable price to pay and quality to expect from a video like that. A friend recommended checking out Fiverr and so I did. The prices for 30sec video ranged from 15£ to over a 1000£ while timelines and expectations did not differ that much… Everyone was ready to complete it under a week and expected a script, logo and few app recordings to start with.

The most common price was about 300£, but everyone has their own sense of beauty, right? While all portfolios looked good, I was not particularly excited about the prospect of paying for something I would ultimately not be able to use… Thus I decided to reduce my chance: I placed an order with three different cheaper sellers with a total price of about 300£. I created a document with requirements, script and our collateral and shared it with three artists.
I cannot stress enough that document shared was identical for all three sellers. Yet the prices were between £60 and £160 and the quality? Well, I will let you decide for yourself.

Which one do you think was the most expensive of the three?:-) I promise you won’t guess! In fact the best out of the three was priced somewhere in the middle and was not produced in one of traditional offshoring hubs. I learnt few lessons here. 

  • As an entrepreneur, there is nothing wrong with looking for a bargain and expecting high quality output.
  • As an employee, there is nothing wrong with selling myself higher than whatever I think I am worth: others may not be as self-critical.
  • As a human, there is nothing wrong with doing the same thing three times: the chances are, you will get better results and learn a thing or two:-) 
Yours truly, MonOlga

P.S. This is not an advertisement for Fiverr, but if you do want to give it a try, why not to use my referral code and save us both a bit of money on the order.

Check yourself if the videos do Monshare justice