How to live with these 5 types of flatmates


When sharing a house or apartment, you’re bound to come across an assortment of different characters. Everyone has their own quirks, so you will encounter both the weird and the wonderful! Monshare has put together a list of the 5 types of flat/housemates you are likely to live with (and how to cope with them). 

There’s the Mother/Father Hen, the Ghost, the Party Animal, the Slob and the BFF. If you can’t find yours in one of these characters, maybe the flatmate is you!

Leave a comment below on which type of flatmate you are living with.

The Mother/Father Hen

Imagine living with someone resembling Monica from friends. They enjoy caring for all your flatmates and enjoy being the rock of the house.The Mother/Father Mother/Father hen loves to cook meals for the house. They are likely to handle all household bills and any issues arising with your landlord. The hen is obsessed with cleanliness and may frequently leave passive aggressive notes aimed at the slob! 

How to cope: This flatmate has good intentions, but sometimes you may find their ‘mothering’ overbearing. Make sure you establish boundaries early on so that they don’t feel taken advantage of and you don’t feel smothered. Don’t forget to show your gratitude to them.

The Ghost

The Ghost is practically invisible. In fact, you’ve barely seen them since signing your tenancy agreement. You vaguely remember encountering them in your communal kitchen that one time. 

How to cope: It’s hard to find any complaints about or from the Ghost, since they’re so rarely encountered. This is a great flatmate to have if you value your privacy, however you may begin to forget they even exist! You and/or the Ghost may end up feeling a little neglected so occasionally knock on their door and check-in on them. Maybe even invite them to join you and your other flatmates, they could end up becoming your new BFF.

The Party Animal

How to cope: The Party Animal is a social butterfly. They’re always in the know of any great events and parties happening. They are always making and introducing you to their new friends. When living with the Party Animal is around, never again will you be at a loss trying to find someone to attend that new club opening with! Beware though, they love to party hard and you may struggle to keep up with them and their never ending all nighters.

How to cope: Life can’t always be a daily party and sometimes you just need a quiet night in. If you find your flatmate blasting loud music at 2 am whilst you’re trying to sleep, politely ask them to lower their music.

The Slob

As the name suggests, the Slob is a very messy individual! Noone is perfect and everyone leaves an unwashed dish lying around once in a while. However, when the sink begins to pile up with dirty dishes, the bins are overflowing with rubbish and you haven’t seen your flatmate tidy up around the house at all, it’s highly likely to cause problems.

How to cope: Don’t let the issue escalate. Give gentle nudges to the Slob, it may have slipped their mind to help out around the house. Everyone gets busy. However, if they don’t take the hint, don’t continue cleaning up their mess, only clean your own.


You and the BFF are almost inseparable. When you met the BFF it was like the stars aligned. You two get on so well and you know you’ve met a friend for life. There’s never a dull moment when your BFF flatmate is around. Fun nights out, cosy nights in, you feel like you can talk about anything with this person. You two are kindred spirits.

How to cope: You two are very supportive of each other and get along great, but when you end up spending 24/7 with each other it’s easy for your other friends/ flatmates to feel abandoned. It’s healthy to have time apart from each other to focus on yourself and your own interests.

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