£10/$10 Amazon Vouchers for 10 minutes of your time!

Try out Monshare to share group expenses and get 10 GBP/10USD Amazon voucher

Hey everyone!

Got some time today? Close the Tiktok videos. How about getting Amazon vouchers for you and your mates instead? By using and reviewing an app that actually works! Let us tell you about it. 

Monshare is an expense tracker for groups/friends that syncs your spending directly from your favourite bank accounts. It is ideal for splitting that pizza take-away, the groceries delivery and bills with flatmates and friends. Put cash back in your wallet by using Monshare for a week and sharing your feedback with us. 

And voila! – we’ll send you an Amazon UK/US voucher for £10/$10. 

Have a sneak peek on this video to see how Monshare will solve your money sharing woes 

How it works?

Please follow the steps below to redeem your voucher.
  1. Install Monshare on your Apple or Android phone via this link .
  2. Open the app, complete registration and try to use app on three different days within a week (choose any days you like).
  3. The app works best when you share expenses with someone else. Please invite a friend or a partner to a pot to test sharing functionality and add at least 3 transactions to your shared pot. Remember, that they can also claim the voucher if they submit the form (step 4).
  4. Fill in the feedback form here before Mon, 05.10.2020
  5. Use the same email in the form as you used for registration with Monshare.
  6. Receive your voucher in your mailbox the day after.
  7. Reach out to safak@monshare.io if you have any questions
  8. Done and dusted!
Note: that this is a first come first serve opportunity- only 100 entries to be awarded vouchers. Install the app now and submit the form in the next few days so that you do not miss out! Sharing is caring! Share this with your flatmates and friends for them to grab the voucher as well! And your BAE – remember, you both get a voucher if you both fill in the survey 🙂 If you have any questions, contact us on safak@monshare.io

Terms and conditions

  • Vouchers will only be granted for installs between Sep, 18th and Oct, 4th
  • Please use the link above to download the app. It’s important, we won’t be able to recognize you otherwise.
  • We will accept (and issue a voucher) to the first 100 responses. Once we reach 100 responses, the form will be locked.
  • We are looking for real feedback on our app. Thus we will only be able to grant the voucher if all the requirements are met (install using the link, use for 3 days with someone from your friend circle, fill in the form).
  • You would have to be a student in one of the following countries: US, UK, NL, DE
  • For SurveyCircle users (www.surveycircle.com): The Survey Code is: R79X-4VY8-VYW1-VQHT

Expense tracker for couples and groups

Ideal for managing your household budget, sharing travel expenses and so much more.

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