Coming soon

Here at Monshare we are very excited to share what is ‘being cooked’ for our upcoming releases. Below is the list of key features, which we believe will make your couple finances and group budgeting even simpler and more enjoyable. As always, feedback is very welcome and if you have something to share, don’t hesitate to reach out via hello@monshare.io. 

All your balances on the dashboard

All you need for keeping track of your shared expenses just a glance away: balance across all your bank accounts, spending for the last 30 days and total amount to settle.   

Categorize your shared transactions

If you are not sure what category fits best for your bill, search available categories will improve your user experience.

Just remember, nothing bits raw data from your bank account: for better, more precise and effortless budgeting do connect your bank account. For bank transactions categories and merchants are assigned automatically and it saves a lot of time for you and your partner.

Track changes in your spending over time

Compare your shared costs and budgets to the previous month, highlight who carries more of burden and how your spend evolves over time. For example, we noticed that during lockdown finances in our couple changed quite a bit: 

  • Cost of groceries have nearly doubled
  • Other shopping for household costs increased by 30%
  • While we saved quite a bit on eating out, regular shopping, and travel.

Simplified onboarding

We recognize that each of our users have their own journey and budgeting requirements. Whether you manage your couple finances, planning a group trip or just keeping an eye on personal spend, we will help you set up Monshare to fit your needs. Tune in for future updates.

FCA Authorization

We have submitted our application for AISP a while back and are expecting to complete the process very soon. Once done, you will be able to enjoy secure and effortless connections with your favourite banks in the UK and Europe. Read more on AISP here

Deals and cashback

We are looking to connect you with the best deals and cashback opportunities based on your regular spending habits. Once done, you will be able not only to have control over your couple finances and group budget, but also save money on your favourite purchases.