Can I download monshare from app store?

Monshare is at the moment being tested by a limited number of users and is not available for download on app stores. If you wish to get early access, please drop an email to hello@monshare.io and we will send you instructions on installation.

Can I use monshare without downloading an app?

Monshare is primarily a mobile app and we optimize the application for Mobile phones. However if you prefer using mobile browser rather than install anything, you can access monshare app at uat.monshare.io

Beta means finished product right?

Monshare team worked really hard to build and release the version of the product to you, however there might be few kinks to iron out. We want to prioritize future developments based on your feedback.

We did as much testing as we could given and we do apologize if we missed a bug or two. If you find anything that does not look right, please do send us details to hello@monshare.io.

Can transactions be automatically assigned to a pot?

This functionality is on the roadmap, but has not been released for the beta tested. Once complete you will be able to set up the following rules:

  1. Assign all transactions within a certain period to a predefined pot (for example if you are going for a trip for 2 weeks and don’t want to move every transaction manually)
  2. Assign all transactions from a certain bank card to a predefined pot (for example, if you use certain card for shared costs only)
  3. Assign all transactions of certain merchant to a pot

Me and my partner split everything 40:60, can I set it as default for a pot?

Yes you can. Navigate to your Pot settings to do so.

Can I do the payment directly from Monshare in order to settle a bill or pot?

Monshare is Account Information Service Provider and is not authorized to perform any payments on your behalf. In the future we will work with third parties and your bank to simplify payments for you.

I see you included some offers, what are they?

In the future Monshare will show you the best saving opportunities on the market based on your historic spend. For example, if there is a discount at the place you normally shop, we will show you a coupon to redeem it.

At the moment all users see the same deals, but we are working on integration with voucher aggregators to bring you the best deals out there.

What are the next steps?

We are thrilled that you want to know more! We have submitted an application for FCA authorization as Registered Account Information Service Provider. As soon as we are authorized, Monshare will be available for download on your regular app store. For more information on upcoming releases have a look here.

Are you authorized to provide account information services?

We are working with an authorized, PCI-compliant and ISO-certified trusted partner – Salt Edge Inc, who provide you with account information services. 

We have submitted our application with FCA to register as Account Information Service provider in the UK and should have the full license ourselves within a couple of months.

We can assure you that we treat your data and feedback with utmost respect and have put various measures in place to protect your data. Your trust is our priority, and if everything does not feel right for you, please do let us know.

How do you access bank accounts?

We are working with the market leader in the space (Salt Edge Inc.), who is FCA authorized, PCI DSS compliant and ISO 27001 certified in scope of “developing, managing, and providing financial IT services”. With your consent we are able to read transactions from your bank accounts via Salt Edge APIs. We do not have any direct access to your bank account and don’t have permissions to process any payments.

If I enter my bank  account details, is it possible that someone will perform some unauthorized transactions using my bank account?

We only access your data in read only mode, do not store your credentials and communicate with Salt Edge via encrypted channels. Noone in Monshare even has technical possibility to see your credentials since they are all encrypted and entered in Salt Edge widget. 

In short, Monshare is not equipped to allow any payments, let alone unauthorized payments from your bank account

Having said that, the ‘bad guys’ out there get more creative every year, so if you see any suspicious transaction on your bank account following your usage of Monshare, please reach out to your pilot coordinator or at pilot@monshare.io. We will investigate and if we identify any breach, we will consider options for reimbursement.

What banks can I access?

Since we are using the market leader – Salt Edge, we are lucky enough to enable access to multiple banks around the world. Please check list of supported banks here.

Do you support challenger banks like Revolut and Monzo?

Yes, we do.

Can I remove my account?

You can remove your account yourself by navigating to the ‘Settings’ Screen from ‘Home’ tab on your app. Alternatively please reach out to hello@monshare.io if you require some assistance. We will erase any personally identifiable information and connections to the bank accounts from our databases and you will no longer be able to log in to Monshare.

If your bank requires any sort of multi-factor authentication (e.g. via sms or entering a code on your mobile app), we won’t be able to load your transactions daily.


Some banks require you to enter some verification code every time data is refreshed. This is done for added security and it will prevent Monshare from updating your transaction history daily. Please trigger manual refresh if it’s something you experience.